Are Valorant Keys Still Dropping?

How do I get the Valorant key to drop?

How to get Valorant beta keysLink your Riot account with your Twitch account.Watch Valorant streams on Twitch.Pass the threshold of hours watched (roughly 2)Higher weight is given to more hours watched.You can get a drop even when offline..

How do you know if you get a Valorant drop?

This can be found by clicking your portrait in the top right of Twitch and clicking the Inventory tab. You’ll have a limited time to claim this drop, so hop in, make sure you’ve connected your Riot account, and enjoy some gameplay from the hundreds of streamers who are broadcasting VALORANT footage today.

Can I get a Valorant key on mobile?

Viewers who have their Riot Games account linked to their Twitch accounts will be able to get a drop for access to the Valorant closed beta of the tactical shooter when they are watching mobile devices. Every Twitch Valorant Stream Will Now Drop a Beta Code. …

What streamers drop Valorant keys?

Which streamers have VALORANT beta key drops?PlayerPrevious game(s)GoldenboyVariousGotagaFortnite and Call of DutyHighDistortionFortniteHikoCounter-Strike27 more rows•Apr 7, 2020

Can you mute twitch and still get drops Valorant?

Things that are important to note are that you cannot mute a stream via the twitch player. … Once you have connected your twitch account to your Riot account you can watch streams on mobile that have drops enabled for a chance to get a drop.

Can you get multiple Valorant keys?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. According to the official Twitter page for the Valorant team, “watching multiple streams at once doesn’t increase your chances of getting a drop.” Watching multiple streams at once doesn’t increase your chance of getting a drop!

How often do Valorant keys drop?

Once you’ve passed the 2 hour Valorant watch time, you’re eligible for a drop. This means you could tune in for 2 hours and then never again, and still end up with an invite days later!

What time do Valorant keys drop?

According to the latest news from Twitch and Riot Games, the new Valorant Twitch Drops event will begin at 10am PT, on the streaming service.

How will I know if I get a Valorant key?

How do you know if you got a Valorant key? You’ll know that you’ve received a Valorant key when you get a Twitch notification. These generally appear near the top of the chat window.

How many Valorant keys will drop on the 7th?

Rumors state that 25,000 keys will be released on April 3rd, and an additional 75,000 keys on April 7th.

Will Valorant be free?

Valorant is a free-to-play online multiplayer game from Riot Games. The game can be downloaded for free from Riot Games’ website.