Question: How Can I Use Two WhatsApp In Dual SIM Phone?

How do I add a second WhatsApp?

Now, how to use Dual WhatsApp feature on your smartphone.Open the dual apps settings option on your smartphone.Select the app you want to duplicate (in this case select WhatsApp)Wait for the process to finish.Now, head to the home screen and tap on the second WhatsApp logo you see in your app launcher.More items…•.

How can I use two WhatsApp in one phone?

Open the Web browser on the second phone that you want to also use WhatsApp on and go to 2. On the mobile browser, it will automatically redirect you to the WhatsApp home page.

How can I use WhatsApp for two numbers in dual SIM Samsung phone?

You put both the SIM cards in your new phone and power it on. Now, you decide to provide it with your lifeline – the WhatsApp messenger. You activate it with one of your numbers. You realise you can’t have WhatsApp with the other number as Android phones support only one instance of an app.

How can you tell if someone has two WhatsApp on the same phone?

Finding out if 2 people are chatting on WhatsAppFirstly it’ll check if the first user is online every 10 seconds.If they are online it’ll then check to see if the second user has been online for the next 10 minutes (also checking every 10 seconds for the second user).If the second user is online within that time period, we’ve got a hit. … Repeat.

How do I mirror WhatsApp to another phone?

Method 1: Using An Android AppDownload and install Whatscan Pro from the Play Store on your second device.After successful installation, open the app. … Now, you will see a barcode on the screen. … Go to WhatsApp on your primary device. … Now put your secondary device below the first device, to scan the QR code.

Can I use the same WhatsApp account on 2 phones without QR code?

WhatsApp officially doesn’t allow users to use one account on two smartphones at the same time due to security reasons. But if you have two phones and need to use the WhatsApp on both here’s a trick to do that. … Just as all WhatsApp features this one should also come to Android users first followed by iOS.

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Hackers can access your WhatsApp data by various means like via WhatsApp web or registering your number on another device. WhatsApp cannot work on two phones at the same time but hackers if register your number on another device, can easily get hold of all your chats including the personal ones.

Where is dual app in Samsung?

1 Go into the Settings menu > Advanced features. Scroll down and then tap on Dual Messenger. 2 A list of apps which are compatible with Dual Messenger will be displayed. Toggle the switch of the app you wish to use a separate account.

How do I download a second messenger?

What is the Dual Messenger feature?1 Go into the Settings menu > Advanced features.2 Scroll down and then tap on Dual Messenger.3 A list of apps which are compatible with Dual Messenger will be displayed. Toggle the switch of the app you wish to use a separate account with.4 Read the Disclaimer. … 5 Tap on Install.

Can you use 2 WhatsApp on a dual SIM phone?

Your WhatsApp account can only be verified with one number on one device. If you have a dual SIM phone, please note that you still must choose one number to verify with WhatsApp. There is no option to have a WhatsApp account with two phone numbers.

How can I use two WhatsApp in one SIM phone?

After you’ve installed WhatsApp, go to Settings. Tap on Dual Apps. On Honor phones this is called App Twin, and on Oppo it’s Clone App. You’ll see a list of apps that can work with the feature, and toggles on the side.

How many WhatsApp accounts can you have?

Officially you cannot use two WhatsApp accounts in one smartphone. However, companies including Samsung and Huawei now offer the Duel Apps or Dual Mode feature, allowing users to run two different accounts of the same chat app, while Google Play is another option.